Structured Settlements 101

This article describes how “structured settlements” are used in serious personal injury actions.

Anyone with a serious injury claim should consider using a structured settlement.

Mckellar Structured Settlements Inc. explains what a structured settlement is, and how they work, in this online article below.

Our firm’s Personal Injury Group has successfully concluded numerous structured settlements on behalf of seriously injured claimants.

There are many factors to consider is deciding whether a structure is right for an individual, and what form the structure should take.

In order to qualify for the tax advantages, it must be negotiated with the defence before a settlement is reached.

These negotiations include how much to put into the “structure”, and includes many issues, including inflation rates, principal amounts,  guaranteed terms, lump sum payment terms, life expectancy, and which insurers to use.

See the full article here;

Paul Mitchell, a BC personal injury lawyer who has extensive experience with severe injury claims, including brain injury claims, spinal injury claims, death claims, ICBC claims, motorcycle claims, medical malpractice claims, and other catastrophic injury claims.

He has concluded numerous structured settlements on behalf of his seriously injured clients. He acts for injured clients all over BC and Alberta, and will not act for ICBC or any other insurance company.

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