BrainTrust Canada

BrainTrust Canada is an Okanagan-based, non-profit organization founded in 1986.  Its mission is to bring the issue of brain injury to the forefront, maximize the potential of those who have been affected by brain injury, and reduce preventable brain injury, especially among youth.  To that end, services are focused on three strands related to brain injury – education, prevention, and support.  The association offers a variety of services and programs in all three areas.

Partner Paul Mitchell is a Founding Director of BrainTrust Canada, and we sponsor the annual Pushor Mitchell Symposium on Brain Injury, a dynamic learning event for professionals, support workers, caregivers, families, and persons living with brain injury.

Photo Gallery

Pushor Mitchell group at their table in the conference room
Pushor Mitchell employees serving guests at the follow-up wine and cheese reception, sponsored by Pushor Mitchell
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