Eric Ledding Appointed To Professional Issues Committee of CBABC

Eric Ledding has been appointed by the Executive Committee of the BC Branch of the Canadian Bar Association (the “CBABC”) to the Professional Issues Committee.  The Professional Issues Committee has recently been established to monitor, develop policy and make recommendations with respect to a CBABC response on legal profession issues arising within British Columbia, including:

  • the scope of protection of solicitor client privilege in British Columbia;
  • the regulation of the legal profession; and
  • the licensing of alternative legal service providers.

Eric has also been appointed as a member of the sub-committee on alternative legal service providers.  The issues of access to justice and regulation of notaries, paralegals and others who may fill a gap in the need for legal services has been around for many years.  This sub-committee will be responsible for ensuring CBABC participation in future consultations by the Law Society of British Columbia’s Task Force on the regulation of legal services providers.

Eric looks forward to serving on the Professional Issues Committee and promoting the interests of the profession and our community in relation to access to justice and the regulation of legal services providers.

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