Lawyer Spotlight Of The Month – Andrew Brunton

This is Pushor Mitchell’s second “Lawyer Spotlight of the Month”, a regular feature article that is Q & A-style, showcasing the talented lawyers at our firm.

This month our lawyer, a Partner with Pushor Mitchell, is Andrew Brunton.

Andrew provides practical solutions for his clients in the areas of business law, franchise law and real estate law.

Here is more about Andrew:

What area of law do you practice?

I am a business and real estate lawyer.

How do you help clients?

I help clients with all aspects of their business, starting with the formation of a corporation, partnership, or other structure.

Once that structure is established, I can then support with negotiating complex commercial contracts and advise on a variety of corporate law matters.  I also often work with accountants to restructure businesses.

I help clients with the process of purchasing or selling a business, from negotiating a Letter of Intent all the way through closing the transaction.

I also advise clients who are be looking to create a franchise system or becoming a franchisee themselves.

Finally, I help clients with all types of real estate purchases and sales.

I strive to offer practical advice and to communicate with minimal legalese.

How do you measure success?

I consider it a success when I can help my clients achieve their goals, whether it be by buying or selling a business, properly structuring their business, protecting their interests in a contract negotiation, or completing a real estate transaction.

My undergraduate degree was a Bachelor of Commerce from Queen’s University and I sometimes feel like my legal practice lets me experience part of the business world vicariously through my clients!

What is your favorite part of being a lawyer at Pushor Mitchell?

I am proud of how much Pushor Mitchell gives back to the community.  But, being completely honest, my favourite part of being a lawyer at Pushor Mitchell is working with our great team.  Our jobs can be stressful, but I know I have the support of our team of 37 lawyers and over 100 staff.

How do you give back to our community?

I participate in as many Pushor Mitchell fundraising and community events as possible, including our United Way Day of Community where most of our office takes an afternoon and volunteers throughout the community.

I am past president of the Downtown Kelowna Association and a past director for both the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce and the United Way.

I currently help coach my son’s hockey team and have coached youth soccer and baseball in the past.

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