Lawyer Spotlight Of The Month – Vanessa DeDominicis

Pushor Mitchell’s “Lawyer Spotlight of the Month” is Vanessa DeDominicis. Vanessa is a Partner with the firm who came to Canada by way of England, and has been a Kelowna resident since 2006.

Here is more about Vanessa:

What area of law do you practice?

I have a Solicitor’s practice with a focus on three specific areas: Estate Planning/Administration, Real Estate and Intellectual Property.

How do you help clients?

I help clients organize their affairs, whether that be getting their Will done or protecting their business brands. I give down-to-earth, practical advice that helps clients save money in the long run, whether that is probate tax savings or avoiding intellectual property disputes.

How do you measure success?

This is a tough question! Personal success can often be very different from professional success. That said, I think both come down to relationships. We are nothing without our people. Personally, I would measure my success on my relationship with my children, my spouse, my parents, my siblings. Professionally, I would measure success based on my relationships with my clients, my staff, and my colleagues. Without these people, I cannot be successful, so being successful is about fostering and building those key relationships.

What is your favorite part of being a lawyer at Pushor Mitchell?

The team! Everyone here makes it such a fantastic place to work, full of positive energy and a willingness to help one another.

How do you give back to our community?

We are constantly fundraising and volunteering at the firm for our community, and pride ourselves on our work with local charities.  One recent initiative was our “Pushor Mitchell Day of Community” when lawyers and staff volunteered on the same day at nine different not-for-profit organizations to make a meaningful difference. I was pleased to volunteer that day at Reach Out Counselling in Kelowna, which was a valuable experience.

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