Pro Bono Going Public 2015 – Free Legal Advice-a-thon

It’s a tradition for lawyers to give legal advice to some clients for free because of the importance of ensuring access to justice. On September 15, 2015, a team of Pushor Mitchell LLP lawyers including Tom Fellhauer, Joni Metherell, Leneigh Bosdet and Brent Coyne, and will participate in Pro Bono Going Public 2015, an outdoor free legal advice-a-thon.

Each firm team member will provide free legal advice to low- and modest-income individuals, including the homeless, in the Rose Garden at City Park in Kelowna. Some clients will have pre-scheduled appointments, while others will simply drop in for free advice on a wide range of legal issues including: civil, employment, family, tenant and landlord disputes, and wills and estates.

Pro Bono Going Public 2015 is an opportunity for over 100 volunteer lawyers to provide free legal advice in the streets of Surrey, Vancouver, Kelowna and Victoria by way of accessible open-air legal advice clinics. Organized by Access Pro Bono, – a non-profit society dedicated to promoting and providing quality pro bono legal services for people and non-profit organizations of limited means – Pro Bono Going Public 2015 aims to raise public awareness of the need for greater legal aid funding and to increase access to justice in British Columbia.

Access Pro Bono operates an extensive network of summary legal advice clinics throughout the province, which allows clients to receive general information about their case, next steps, help with legal documentation and help preparing for court. In addition, Access Pro Bono facilitates full legal representation services; assists community organizations in areas of non-profit law including: incorporation and by-laws, registrations for charitable status, employment matters, contracts and lease agreements; and provides Wills and Representation Agreement clinics for low-income seniors and people with terminal illness.

Our firm team is asking our friends, family, co-workers and members of the public to pledge financial support for the participating volunteers in order to raise much needed funds for Access Pro Bono’s programs. I bet you’ve never sponsored a lawyer before! Not only do Access Pro Bono services benefit individual clients, but also contribute to the general well-being of B.C.’s communities. Sometimes legal advice provides the positive difference between people staying in their homes or becoming homeless, receiving social assistance payments, or gaining the confidence they need to leave unhealthy domestic relationships.

Every dollar raised leverages about five dollars worth of pro bono legal services for low-income British Columbians.

Pushor Mitchell LLP is proud to contribute to making legal services available to those who would otherwise be unable to access them, and we thank you in advance for your support.

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