Pushor Mitchell LLP Sponsors West Coast Brain Injury Conference – Brain Injury Breakthroughs: Current Issues and Emerging Solutions


Featuring sessions on new treatment models, upcoming bills, and cutting-edge research, BrainTrust Canada’s annual West Coast Brain Injury Conference comes to Kelowna on June 11th.

The conference is sponsored by Kelowna-based law firm Pushor Mitchell LLP and looks to inspire transformative action while advocating for the 1.5 million Canadians living with the effects of brain injury.

This year’s conference is set against the legislative backdrop of Bill C-277: a bill seeking to enhance brain injury services, research, prevention, and education nationwide. Alongside bringing attention to the Bill, the event will provide a platform for groundbreaking discussions, the latest in medical best practices, and networking opportunities.

One of the conference’s feature sessions explores a new treatment model pilot from Saint Paul’s Hospital. The innovative approach integrates neurology and physical and occupational therapy, setting new benchmarks for long-term success for the most complex brain injury cases.

BrainTrust Canada is also honoured to welcome Dr. Angela Colanontio, Canadian Research Chair of Traumatic Brain Injury in Vulnerable Populations, as keynote speaker. Dr. Colanontio will share insights from her extensive research, offering a detailed overview and providing recommendations on how communities can effectively support individuals facing complex morbidities.

“Brain injuries occur every three minutes in Canada, leading to severe repercussions such as addiction, homelessness, unemployment, and incarceration. Yet, these services are critically underfunded,” said Amanda McFarlane, Executive Director of BrainTrust Canada. “This conference is a call to action. It’s an opportunity for professionals, survivors, and policymakers to unite and propel meaningful change.”

Pushor Mitchell LLP is honoured to be the title sponsor of BrainTrust Canada’s 2024 West Coast Brain Injury Conference. Not only have we been the title sponsor of the conference for almost 30 years, but we have been a supporter of BrainTrust Canada since the very beginning.

In 1986 a group of individuals with brain injury, family members of those with brain injury, care-home owners, an occupational therapist, and a personal injury lawyer saw the need for greater support and resources for those living with brain injury in their community. Those individuals would go on to found BrainTrust Canada with two goals in mind: to create formal support groups and find more supportive housing for those living with brain injury. One of those individuals was Pushor Mitchell LLP’s co-founder Paul Mitchell.

BrainTrust Canada, and supporting those living with brain injury, is part of our firm’s story and will be for years to come. We are thankful to BrainTrust for all the work they do to put this annual conference together and thankful to all those speaking and attending this year’s event. Together, we can continue to explore breakthroughs, current issues, and emerging solutions in the field, while doing our part to improve the lives of those living with brain injury by making sure they are given all the resources and support they deserve.

We hope you are able to attend.

Tickets for the June 11th Conference are available on Eventbrite, with all proceeds directly benefiting programs that support brain injury survivors.

Join us to make a significant impact. Your participation will help advocate for necessary changes and help improve the lives of millions.

For more information, head to the BrainTrust Canada Event Page today.

BrainTrust Canada is a non-profit organization located in Kelowna, British Columbia, extending its supports to communities spanning from Peachland to Enderby. We aim to be a key leader and collaborative partner in our communities, meeting the unique needs of individuals living with the effects of brain injury. By providing evidence based and innovative approaches to rehabilitation and recovery, we strive to facilitate meaningful outcomes to those that we support.

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