Pushor Mitchell “Mo-Team” Raises Over $9,000 For Prostate Cancer

The Pushor Mitchell “Mo-Team” raised over $9,000 for prostate cancer research, during the annual “Movember” fundraising campaign for Prostate Cancer Canada.

Members of this hairey Pushor Mitchell Mo-Team were Alf Kempf, Paul Mitchell, Terry Edwards, Tom Fellhauer, Ron Solmer, Mark Danielson, Neil Wyper, Matt Kraemer, Andrew Brunton, and  Geord Holland. 

Geord Holland

Mark Danielson

Matt Kraemer

Neil Wyper

Paul Mitchell

Ron Solmer

Tom Fellhauer

Andrew Brunton

Terry Edwards

Prostate Cancer Canada uses the Movember funds for the development of programs related to awareness, public education, advocacy and support of those affected, as well as research into the prevention, detection, treatment and cure of prostate cancer. For more information on the programs funded by Movember please click here.

In addition, the Movember Foundation uses part of the money raised to fund two programs: an awareness and education program that significantly increases the understanding and reduces the stigmas of the health risks that men face, and Movember’s Global Action Plan that accelerates key outcomes in prostate cancer research by facilitating global research collaboration projects.

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