Pushor Mitchell Welcomes New Partner Taryn Moore

We are pleased to announce that Taryn Moore has become a Partner in the firm effective January 1, 2014.

Taryn handles family law matters and has extensive experience in both litigation as well as alternate dispute resolution including being a certified Collaborative Family Lawyer. Clients who need resolution to their family law issues, either through the court system or by alternative approaches such as mediation, rely on Taryn to help guide them towards their goal. She assists clients throughout the entire separation and divorce process, including the division of family assets and numerous issues related to child custody, access and guardianship.

She also helps clients who are just beginning the process of entering married life. She assists with the conversations and focuses on the issues involved in drafting co-habitation, pre-nuptial and marriage agreements, based on her belief that talking about and planning for potential developments ahead of time can help prevent marriage problems from developing down the road.

Taryn can be contacted at 250-869-1265 or [email protected]

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