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When disputes arise on construction projects, a party sometimes withholds payment from another pending resolution.
The Builders Lien Act establishes mandatory deadlines for the filing of builders liens against title to land in British Columbia.
The COVID-19 virus has created uncertainty in the financing for many construction projects. The virus’s impact has caused some lenders to reassess project viability and, in some instances, withdraw financing before or after construction has commenced.
The British Columbia Law Institute released its “Consultation Paper on the Builders Lien Act.”
An important object of the Builders Lien Act is to assist those who contribute their work and materials to a construction project in being paid.
Canadian Construction Documents Committee (“CCDC”) standard form contracts often govern the relationship between owners and general contractors for construction projects in Canada.
A party claiming a builders lien must do so by filing a “claim of lien” in the form prescribed by the Builders Lien Act.
The recent decision of Ankenman Associates Architects Inc. v. 0981478 raises some interesting issues surrounding the intersection of copyright law, construction law, and the foreclosure process.
Arbitration is a process for resolving disputes outside of the courtroom.
Section 1 of the Builders Lien Act, S.B.C. 1997, c. 45 (the “Act”) defines an “owner” as anyone with a legal or equitable interest in land.
Building contracts sometimes arise from an invitation to tender.
Most building projects involve a “chain” of contracts entered into among the owner and contractor, and the contractor and its subcontractors, and so forth.

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