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The Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) is BC’s online tribunal that offers a collaborative approach to resolving disputes.
During a wildfire, the government authorizes wildfire personnel to do certain things on private property to fight the fire and prevent further spread of the fire.
Every wildfire season, stories circulate about individuals who ignore evacuation orders and remain at their property. The Emergency Program Act gives the authority to the provincial and local governments to
If your vehicle, home, or business was damaged as a result of wildfire, your first point of contact should be your insurance provider. If you need to speak to a
Defamation is communication about a person/business that tends to hurt their reputation.
The starting point for determining the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants under a commercial lease is the written lease agreement.
Wildfires are a yearly occurrence in BC, and living in the Okanagan, and while most human-caused wildfires are accidental, regardless of your intent, you can still face significant financial penalties.
Privacy rights are not a new concept in law, though they are quickly becoming an area of increasing importance, with one extreme examples of this is the non-consensual disclosure of
Barely a day goes by where we don’t hear about how artificial intelligence can help us manage our lives.
Social gatherings this time of year raise a number of interesting legal questions about who is or is not responsible in the event that someone injures themselves either while attending
If you are trying to prove fault or liability of another party, you are going to need more than an apology. But, if you are feeling the need, don’t let
In Immediate Roadside Prohibition cases the officer is required to promptly forward to the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles a sworn or solemnly affirmed report in the form established by the
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