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There are a wide variety of tax and non-tax elements to be considered as part of the estate planning process for business owners, such as capital gains planning, minimizing taxes on death and the use of trusts, to name a few. Winery owners are often in a unique position because, in addition to all of the usual considerations, they may be able to take advantage of some of the “farming” provisions available in the Income Tax Act.
The Income Tax Act has a long history of providing favourable tax treatment for farmers.

For employers in the wine industry, it is not uncommon for seasonal workers to make up a significant portion of the total workforce.  It is important, therefore, to understand that seasonal workers can give rise to unique legal issues, including issues surrounding severance obligations in the event a seasonal employee is terminated without cause.

The BC Government's Liquor Policy Review is in its final stages, wrapping up this week. The public has been given ample opportunity to comment on how these laws should be updated. The submissions are varied and substantial.  There are many different opinions on a myriad of issues as the public and various stakeholders rejoice in the opportunity to have their voices heard in the necessary modernizing of these outdated laws.

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