LawTalks: Business Law Today

Pushor Mitchell is pleased to announce The Devil You Know: Effectively Using Shareholders Agreements, the next presentation in our LawTalks: Business Law Today series.

You got a great idea for a business, you found an investor and you built a winning product from the ground up. For years your venture was profitable and working with your partner was hard work, but still a lot of fun. It was, at least, until life got in the way…

Without fail, a professional shareholders agreement is the best way to resolve common disputes between shareholders, whether it’s trying to decide on effective corporate strategy and management, or trying to figure out what to do next when your partner dies, becomes disabled, gets divorced or wants to sell her side of the business.

In this presentation, corporate solicitor Andrew Brunton will discuss tried and true strategies for reducing conflict and avoiding common shareholder disputes.

The presentation will be held January 26, 2016 in the Pushor Mitchell boardroom. To register, please enroll through our Eventbrite page.

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