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Pushor Mitchell is pleased to announce The Tender, the Contract and the Builders’ Lien: The Basics of Construction Law, the next presentation in our LawTalks: Business Law Today series.

The legal rights and obligations of those involved in a construction project crystallize in the tendering phase and end well after the project is completed. During the construction process, those legal rights and obligations change and expand based on the contracts in place, the Builders Lien Act and the bonds that have been issued. In order to ensure that the project is built properly, on time and on budget, it is important that all involved know and understand their legal rights and obligations.

Construction lawyer Mark Danielson has designed this course to provide those involved in the construction industry with the legal foundation to navigate through the tender and construction phases of a project.

This presentation will be held March 29, 2016 in the Pushor Mitchell boardroom. To register, please enroll through our Eventbrite page.

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