Pushor Mitchell Lawyer Bryan Fitzpatrick To Speak At Pushor Mitchell Westcoast Brain Injury Conference

Bryan Fitzpatrick will be speaking at this year’s Pushor Mitchell Westcoast Brain Injury Conference coordinated by the not for profit association BrainTrust Canada who supports persons living with brain injury in the Okanagan.

Bryan will share his experience as a criminal lawyer to provide insight on how persons with brain injury can advocate for themselves in today’s “no fault” insurance world, including how to navigate a Civil Rights Tribunal to resolve a personal injury claim.

Bryan Fitzpatrick is a Partner with Pushor Mitchell LLP, and practices in the areas of Personal Injury, Criminal Defense and Canadian and U.S. Immigration law. He started practicing law in Washington State in 2008 and became a member of the Law Society of British Columbia in 2012. For personal injury matters, Bryan works for plaintiffs and aids with negotiated settlements, mediation, and trial.

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