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Bryan is a Partner with Pushor Mitchell LLP, and practices in the areas of Personal Injury, Criminal Defense and Canadian and U.S. Immigration law. He is licensed to practice law…

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If you have been injured from a vaccine, you may be eligible for relief in accordance with product liability principles.
Social gatherings this time of year raise a number of interesting legal questions about who is or is not responsible in the event that someone injures themselves either while attending the party or making their way home.
In Immediate Roadside Prohibition cases the officer is required to promptly forward to the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles a sworn or solemnly affirmed report in the form established by the Superintendent.
Bryan Fitzpatrick interviewed by Global News on spitting and coughing and the definition of assault in the time of COVID-19.
The new B.C. Entrepreneur Immigration Regional Pilot Program is designed to attract entrepreneurs to participating regional communities in order to start new businesses.
Until recently there was considerable uncertainty in Canada when it came to how U.S. Customs and Border Protection would treat Canadians who were soon to be lawfully employed in the marijuana industry.
In Bates v. British Columbia (Superintendent of Motor Vehicles), we recently succeeded in having the decision of an adjudicator, confirming an immediate roadside driving prohibition, set aside.
For Canadian companies looking send their Canadian employees to the United States to work with their American parent, branch or subsidiary company, the L Visa is an attractive option.
One of the benefits of being called to the bar on both sides of the U.S./Canada Border is being able to assist clients with both their U.S. and Canadian immigration matters.
Recently the Canadian Government passed Bill C-46, which on its face appears to substantially change the legal landscape concerning impaired driving in Canada.
The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) came into force January 1, 1994 and was the follow-up agreement to the Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement (CUSFTA).

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