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The British Columbia government recently proposed legislation to create a new annual provincial statutory holiday on September 30th named the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.
The BC Government announced its Safer Communities Action Plan on November 20th, 2022.
Additional considerations arise when doing estate planning for indigenous clients. 
The recently introduced BC Speculation and Vacancy Tax (“Spec Tax”) is a topic of much discussion in our community lately.
Did you know that there is a different contract that is used when buying and selling a home on Westbank First Nations Lands?
Did you know that Westbank First Nation’s development laws are available through their website?
There is a new trend in leases of Westbank First Nation’s reserve lands. Developers and landlords are moving to 125 year terms.
The recent flooding throughout the Province of British Columbia and specifically the Okanagan region creates unique problems for First Nation Bands and their members.
For years, non-status Indians and Metis individuals have been trapped in a jurisdictional game of hot potato between provincial governments and the Federal Government, often leaving those individuals ineligible for programs and assistance.
“Conveyancing” is the term your lawyer uses to describe the legal process of transferring an interest in land from the seller to the buyer.
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (“TRCC”) was established by the settlement of the class action law suits against the government of Canada, brought by the survivors of the residential school system.
This is an update to my Dec 22, 2009 article, incorporating the changes to INAC’s locatee leasing policy.
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