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A recent Ontario Court of Appeals case confirmed that a relative of a Will Maker cannot challenge their relative’s Will prior to their relative’s death.
If you have Wills that provide for a number of testamentary trusts for spouse and children (and grandchildren), you may want to have them reviewed to see if there is
Executors have many duties to the beneficiaries of an estate - they must act in good faith, to the standard of a reasonably competent person, keep an even hand between
Additional considerations arise when doing estate planning for indigenous clients.
The Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate (OSRE) has released a new information brochure for consumers looking to purchase a pre-sale condo.
When we do estate planning for clients with significant value in their estates, we often created spousal trusts for their spouse and separate trusts for each child.
There are a whole new set of challenges when making an estate plan for a blended family.
Many people are helping their children financially, both while they are under 19 and often well into their adult years.
How will my executor or trustee know how I want them to look after my children or spouse?
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (“TRCC”) was established by the settlement of the class action law suits against the government of Canada, brought by the survivors of the

British Columbia is a unique jurisdiction for estate planning because of:

  • probate fees of 1.4% of the gross value of the assets that pass through Estate ($14,000 per million); and
  • the Wills

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