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The future of our pets is a difficult subject to cover, but it is an important niche topic within estate planning for all those who feel, as I do, that pets are family.
In a world full of social media, online banking, and cyber-identities, dealing with digital assets as part of your Will is extremely important.
An Executor/Administrator/Trustee must be ready at all times to account for the trust property.
When a trust is established, through a will or other mechanism, it’s often advised for the person who made the will to provide the trustees with a ‘letter of wishes’, also known as a memorandum of wishes.
In estate planning there can be benefits to adding an adult child to title of a home, but there are serious risks or drawbacks as well.
If you are wanting to treat your children differently in your Will, it is fundamental to consult with a lawyer.
When a loved one passes away, do you know if they had a Will? And second, do you know where to find a copy of it ?
Sometimes, very unfortunately, loved ones go missing, and it is a complicated issue to deem if someone has actually died.
A recent Ontario Court of Appeals case confirmed that a relative of a Will Maker cannot challenge their relative’s Will prior to their relative’s death. 
Testamentary Capacity and Estate Planning is an important consideration in the process of updating Wills.
If you have Wills that provide for a number of testamentary trusts for spouse and children (and grandchildren), you may want to have them reviewed to see if there is any advantage to maintaining all of those separate trusts.
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