Category: Wills, Estates and Trusts

Everyone should have a Will. Your Will directs how you wish your assets to be distributed after you pass away, and copyrights are assets – just like your house and
How does marriage and divorce affect your Will? And who is a “Spouse” Under The Wills Estates and Succession Act “WESA”?
The future of our pets is a difficult subject to cover, but it is an important niche topic within estate planning for all those who feel, as I do, that
In a world full of social media, online banking, and cyber-identities, dealing with digital assets as part of your Will is extremely important.
An Executor/Administrator/Trustee must be ready at all times to account for the trust property.
When a trust is established, through a will or other mechanism, it’s often advised for the person who made the will to provide the trustees with a ‘letter of wishes’,
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