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On February 22, the Provincial Government introduced Budget 2024, which made several significant tax changes focused on housing.
The Speculation and Vacancy Tax has been in force in British Columbia since 2018 and owners of residential real estate in certain designated areas must file a declaration setting out how they use the property and whether it meets one of the exemptions.
Owners of Canadian residential property can breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to the relatively new Federal Underused Housing Tax (the “UHT”) that came into effect on January 01, 2022.
The Federal Government’s new Underused Housing Tax came into effect on January 01, 2022 and, as a result, owners of vacant properties anywhere in Canada may be liable for the new tax.
The newly proposed draft Underused Housing Tax Act is the first federal legislation aimed at countering real estate speculation and vacancy rates in Canadian real estate.
The Canada Child Benefit is a tax-free monthly benefit provided to Canadian low and middle-income families which the Government of Canada introduced in 2016.
This topic is substantial. This article only touches on one of the issues. Please note that there are potentially numerous tax issues on death and it is very important to discuss these implications with a lawyer and an accountant.
The Child Support Guidelines set the benchmark for calculating income for support purposes.  The Guideline’s objectives ensure recipients and payors of support in similar circumstances are treated similarly across Canada.
If a parent or spouse has an obligation to pay support, and lives in a foreign country that has income tax rates which are significantly different than Canadian income tax rates then the Court will consider a number of factors when converting the foreign income to Canadian dollars.
Usually tax laws apply to everyone.  However, in 2017, the Federal Government introduced a special tax on dividends that treats family-owned private businesses that provide services more harshly than other businesses that sell goods.
We all know that we have to pay taxes.  Taxes are important and provide the funds for many of our social programs that we hold dearly.  But what if you get on the wrong side of the Canada Revenue Agency.  Will you be treated fairly?
On September 17, 2018, a new version of the property transfer tax return came into effect.
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