Category: Strata Property

On November 24, 2022 amendments to the Strata Property Act came into force removing sections of the Act that permitted residential rental restrictions.
When a strata issues fines or fees against owners, it often seeks legal assistance in doing so. A recent decision reviews when a strata is or is not entitled to recover part or all of those legal fees.
We’ve all had them at some point: those neighbour you can’t seem to get along with.
In the midst of a strata dispute with your council or neighbour? Or, are you owed money where the amount in issue is relatively small such that it does not make financial sense to hire a lawyer?
A recent decision by the British Columbia Court of Appeal in Radcliffe v. The Owners, Strata Plan KAS1436, illustrates the duty of fair dealing which strata corporations owe to the members they serve.
The old adage – good fences make for good neighbours – is of such unalloyed truth as to be accepted as gospel.
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